Oaklands Wedding Photographer

Oaklands Wedding Photographer - The Grand Lodge at Oaklands by ARJ Photography®

Oaklands Wedding Photographer - ARJ Photography®

Oaklands Wedding Photographer

Hey there and welcome to ARJ Photography® – I make uniquely beautiful collections of wedding photography for couples all over the world. Congrats on planning your wedding at such a brilliantly unique wedding venue as Oaklands too. I loved it there and you can see some of my Oaklands wedding photos on this page – I hope you love what you see! I’d love you to have a good browse of my portfolio and blog, and read about my unique style and what some of my past couples have said about me. Then if you love what you see, please get in touch!

Oaklands Wedding Photographer - ARJ Photography®

Oaklands Grand Lodge Wedding Photographer

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Oaklands Wedding Photography that’s Totally Unique

All my career I’ve worked to make wedding photography that is completely authentic to each couple, each venue and each wedding. That means my wedding photography doesn’t look like anyone else’s and that means your wedding photos won’t look like anyone else’s. Why? Because each wedding is completely unique, each couple is completely unique and each set of guests is completely unique. Factor in my obsession with the unscripted, natural, iconic moments and you have my unique brand of artistically beautiful wedding photography. Read more about my style and approach here.


I can only be part of a maximum of 25 unique wedding adventures every year so each one receives the same award-winning attention to detail, wherever they are in the world. Let’s chat soon.


Before I stopped entering awards in 2020 I’d been named UK Wedding Photographer of the year twice, Best of the Best twice, as well as winning over 100 other awards for my wedding photography and being invited to judge many contests before I walked away from awards completely. Awards don’t mean much because they’re in the past, but they do demonstrate a commitment to excellence that I’ve worked hard on over my 10+ years as a wedding photographer. You can read more about my past wedding photography awards here.