Wedding Photography Mentoring with Adam Johnson


I’ve enjoyed massive success in my wedding photography career winning many top industry awards and shooting weddings all over the world, with a six figure annual turnover from wedding photography alone. I love sharing my knowledge and passion with other creative wedding photographers like you, who want to take their photography and business to new heights.

Over the past few years I’ve trained many, many photographers through founding and running NineDots Workshops and The NineDots Gathering as well as offering one-on-one tailored mentoring. Through all that I’ve developed a skill and passion for teaching and passing on what I’ve learned on my own journey.

I’ve decided to focus on intensive mentoring now, via one-to-one face to face mentoring days focussing on areas of your business where you feel like I could help.

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I can work with you on all areas of your business and photography!

Profitable Business : How I built a six figure photo business
Making Magical Photos : How to find your voice and always think creatively without pigeon-holing your style
Client Relations : How to get your clients to want exactly what you do
Work Life Balance : How I’ve fully automated my business admin tasks so it almost runs itself and I can focus on other things
Award winning editing : The secrets of LR mastery and how to streamline your workflow – I regularly take just 4hrs to edit per wedding
SEO & Marketing : How I achieve top google rank for many searches and average over 800 enquiries a year
Website Design and Analysis : Understanding how to make your website work for you and how to interpret your analytics
Awards : How to curate your work, edit it and enter it for the best chances of winning
Motivation and Ambition : How I work to always build on success and stay hungry


I am offering for 2019 a limited number of one-to-one mentoring days, where we’ll get together face to face at a location convenient for you, to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and to come up with an action plan together for you to achieve your short, medium and long term goals as a photographer.

I have no current plans to offer any workshops or long-term mentoring.

Full day of one-to-one mentoring
UK photographers – includes travel
Available worldwide – travel/hotel at cost



I think we all hit a stage in our careers where we want to go to that next level but don’t really know how to get there. This happens at several stages of your career I think, each time you hit what feels like a plateau either in photography skill or in business.

Photography mentoring is a great way to have someone take a look at your photography and business with fresh eyes and as well as helping you with the things you think you need help with (important) they can also see areas of weakness within your business that you may not have realised or thought were important.

How photography mentoring differs from workshops…

Workshops are amazing for getting what I like to call ‘golden nuggets’ of knowledge and getting a good insight into how other photographers work and think. The HUGE benefit of in-person workshops is also the ability to make connections with other photographers, who have a similar mindset to you. That can’t be underestimated.

Photography mentoring is totally different. It’s getting someone to focus solely on you and your business on a short or long-term basis. In the past I’ve worked with photographers on a long-term basis via a primarily online basis (skype etc) but I’ve now decided to focus on face to face intensive one-day photography mentoring sessions as I’ve found this is what yields the best results.

“working with Adam is incredible and will transform your business!”

I’ve just completed Adam’s 12 month mentoring. It was an intensive year and required a great deal of hard work and dedication from us both. I didn’t just add a few new skills or a new way shooting, I changed my whole mindset and my approach. Adam didn’t teach me over the year to be another version of him, or have a business just like his. What he enabled me to achieve, is to become the best version of myself and set me on a path that I can continue to grow. Read more…

Zibi Kuropatwinski, Zibi Photography (UK) //

“The serious slap in the face that my business needed!”

A couple of years ago Adam was the serious slap in the face that my business needed. There’s absolutely no doubt that Adam’s no nonsense and extremely honest approach has helped me drive my wedding photography career further than I even thought possible. Don’t get me wrong I found the portfolio critiques scary at the time but extremely useful in helping me create better imagery. I have to say my favourite parts have always been the practical side of things, watching Adam shooting on a wedding day has been invaluable. I now use my camera to it’s full potential, I’m talking manual everything which saves me hours at my computer! Adam’s posing has also dramatically changed the way I see and use light, which I’m so excited about! As for using flashes – I’m now nailing it every time!

Toni Darcy, Toni Darcy Photography (UK) //

“Adam was an invaluable source of knowledge, inspiration and general support”

When I first embarked on my journey as a wedding photographer, transitioning away from a corporate career in the IT industry, and just after moving to live in another country with my wife, Adam was an invaluable source of knowledge, inspiration and general support. Over a number of Skype meetings he helped me on numerous technical matters, shared with me some of his business practices, suggested tools and software that would make my life easier and pointed me in the right direction to understand and implement strong SEO practices across my website and social media platforms. He also provided critiques when requested. I will always be grateful to Adam for taking the time to do that for me. It gave my business here in Los Angeles the jump start it needed and I never looked back. He’s also just a decent human and a pleasure to be around – so that helps

Richard Clarke, Clarkie Photography (USA) //

“The best thing I have invested in since being a professional photographer.”

I really got a lot out of mentoring sessions with Adam. Not only did we tackle, editing, lighting, culling, blogging, critiquing, website and a whole host of other things I wanted to discuss, he also provided me with sound business advice on my whole outlook to photography. I learnt so much from him and he was willing to share and help in anyway he can. His relaxed approach makes it so easy, and the hour and a half sessions was just the right amount of time to get through everything. I cannot recommend him enough – it’s the best thing I have invested in since being a professional photographer. Having that one to one contact over those months really boosted my confidence. I still have loads to learn but Adam has provided me with the tools and outlook now to move forward and hopefully grow my business to where I want it to be.

Anna Butcher, Anna B Photography (UK) //

“Adam was brilliant, I felt I could ask him anything!”

I did two mentoring Skype sessions with Adam. I was really looking forward to hear more about his passion for light, colour and the magic of course! I found both sessions very helpful and informative in every aspect of my business. They were tailored into my specific needs so we could concentrate on things I was struggling with and work on them. Adam was brilliant, I felt I could ask him anything – from photography tips and tricks, through editing, finishing on SEO and marketing. I can’t wait to put it all into practice now!
We sort of agreed on the saying: Good things come to those who… work hard! Off I go!

Gosia Grant, Gosia Grant Photography (UK) //


I’ve had success in my career. But please don’t choose a mentor just because they’ve won stuff.

I love working as a mentor because I’m truly passionate about helping you achieve your goals in photography and business. I take a very personalised approach, trying my best to understand you and your business and what you want to achieve rather than just swanning in and telling you why I’m so great and how I do things.

Mentoring should always feel like a collaborative experience.


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