Wedding Photographer Adam Johnson

UK Wedding Photographer Adam Johnson

Welcome to ARJ Photography. I’m Adam Johnson (ARJ are my initials) and wedding photography is my thing. Let me tell you a bit more about what makes me tick as a photographer and why I’d love to be part of your wedding!

Put simply, a wedding is everything I love to photograph all contained in this super special bubble for one unique, never to be repeated, incredibly special day.

I love weddings. I love travelling. I love photography. I love this crazy job of mine.

Have a scroll through the slider below for a bit more about my wedding photography philosophy.

Magic Happens

Photos are magic. It’s true. By their very nature they already live in the future, doing the special job of protecting and preserving your wedding forever. Whenever you look at your photos, every feeling will still be there – they will be how you remember your wedding, and how future generations understand it. A little time capsule that lets you travel back to your wedding whenever you feel like it. Totally magic.

Iconic Moments

Your wedding day is a milestone day in your life. You’re bringing all your favourite people in the world together in a place you love and planning to have an epically amazing time with them. I know you’ll kiss and sign a book and have some speeches but the best moments – the truly iconic moments – are unscripted and often unexpected. That’s what I am truly there to capture.

Colour + Light

The way I work with light and colour is something I work incredibly hard on.  It’s always been really important to me to develop my vision and style into something which is truly mine, which means nobody else’s wedding photos will look quite like yours.

Art + Creativity

Uniqueness is so important to me which is why I’m not a traditional wedding photographer. I don’t spend hours lining people up for hundreds of group photos or making people do cheesy poses or staging things that are just going to happen for real at some point. And although I will whisk you away for a little while to explore and make some cool portraits, I don’t take you away for hours on end while your wedding happens without you.

Love + Happiness

You want a beautiful visual record of your wedding. YOUR wedding. Not the wedding I think you should have or Pinterest thinks you should have or the wedding magazines think you should have. This is what I want for you too! I want the love and happiness between you and around you to shine through in your photos, which is why capturing the reality is what’s most important to me.

Emotion + Energy

I want to give you photos that you will love forever. Photos that are meaningful, real, and packed with emotion and life! To get great photos, the only commitment I need from you is to enjoy your day with every ounce of your soul. Then my job is easy.

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These are all the things that excite me as a photographer, and have inspired me to dedicate my life to photographing weddings in my own unique way. It’s people, and love, and relationships, and cool places, and interesting things. It can be really chaotic and action packed or it can be serene and tense, but it’s always emotive and real. I’d love to come on the adventure with you, capturing images that will continue to blow you away for years to come!

All I need from you is for you to relax and have an absolutely amazing day