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ISPWP Award Winning Cheshire Wedding Photographer

The ISPWP have given me another award in their winter 2013 contest for this image from Kirsty and Andy’s wedding. It won in the ‘Family Love’ category and I’m so happy that it won because it’s genuinely one of my favourite wedding photos I’ve ever taken. It was such a split second capture – Kirsty’s dad kissing her hand as their car pulled up outside the church in Knutsford, Cheshire.

I remember taking this shot vividly for a number of reasons. Firstly, I had been waiting outside in the cold for the cars to arrive, without my coat on and was really shivering. Just before Kirsty and her dad, the bridesmaids had arrived (you can see their Mercedes in the background) and I’d shot a few images of them. I was reviewing those shots on the back of my camera when Kirsty’s driver beeped his horn as he came around the corner. It took me totally by surprise and I honestly jumped out of my skin!

As the car passed me, my heart was still pounding from being startled and I just instinctively followed closely from behind in a bit of a jog. Then I stopped, favouring a wider view so I could see the church too and as the car pulled away this happened. I converted it to black and white to hopefully draw attention to what a tender moment this is.

And I know the shot means the world to Kirsty and Andy, which is of course the most important thing of all. You can see more of their beautiful wedding here.

Award winning Cheshire wedding photos

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