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ISPWP Award for ARJ Photography in the Spring 2015 Contest

Award winning uk wedding photographer

Hannah and William had told me there would be aerial champagne pourers at their wedding. In my head I thought that sounded cool but didn’t really know what they meant. When I arrived to see two gorgeous gymnasts hanging from rings attached to the ceiling (only with ribbon, no harnesses involved!) I knew that I had to get a photo that captured the essence of just how frickin cool this was! But also that somehow captured the way people were just ignoring them because the fact that William and Hannah (on the left of this photo) had just got married was even cooler than the spectacle of upside down people pouring champagne. People rule. Weddings rule.

Thanks ISPWP for regognising this image with an award in the Spring 2015 contest. Congratulations to all the other winners too, including some of my good friends.

The blurry face on the right of this photo is my mum, which I’m sure will make her happy! She was a guest at William and Hannah’s wedding and her recommendation is the reason I was there and able to take this shot, which is already one of my all time favourites!

Award winning photography

 by ARJ Photography. Adam Johnson is a multi award winning wedding photographer available for weddings in Cheshire, across the UK and for destination weddings worldwide. Photographing weddings with a passion for emotion, light and creativity to create magical collections of wedding photography for people in love across the world.

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