Congleton Cheshire Wedding Photography – Sandhole Oak Barn

Heidi and Matt’s travel inspired wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn

Heidi and Matt have seen quite a bit of the world, and have even lived in Shanghai for the last couple of years (for the record, I would absolutely love to shoot a full on Chinese wedding in Shanghai, just in case anyone was wondering). Their wedding actually marked the start of another new chapter for them, living back in the UK, and having seen just how close these two are to their families and hearing how much they’ve all missed each other the last few years, I’m not surprised they’ve come home. There was so much love at this wedding!

Heidi booked me ages ago, and has said some really kind things about my work in the build up to her wedding. I had been looking forward to her and Matt’s wedding for ages and I’m delighted that she loves her wedding photographs even more than she expected to! You can see from the photos above that in the end it was a beautifully sunny day but it didn’t start that way and the second of the two photos above shows the storm clouds which made for a very very wet morning rolling away before the most incredible sunset. It rained, no – poured, all morning until their church ceremony in Prestbury, Cheshire. Then literally the moment they emerged from the church doors as husband and wife, the sun broke through and it hardly stopped shining all afternoon.

This was my fifth visit of the year to the beautiful Sandhole Oak Barn in Congleton, Cheshire and every time – April, May, June, and twice in August it’s been a stunningly beautiful day! Heidi and Matt’s was no different, meaning they could enjoy drinks and canapés outside by the lake with their guests and we could make the most of this incredible setting in their photos.

As always, it was a pleasure to work with my friends at Top Table Weddings who provided scrumptious food and helped the day flow perfectly. True professionals and lovely people. Can’t recommend Annette and her team highly enough.

Here are some of my favourites from Heidi and Matt’s August Sandhole Oak barn wedding in Congleton, Cheshire…

Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-01 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-02 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-03 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-04 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-05 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-06 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-07 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-08 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-09 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-10 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-11 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-12 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-13 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-14 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-15 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-16 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-17 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-18 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-19 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-20 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-21 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-22 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-23 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-24 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-25 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-26 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-27 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-28 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-29 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-30 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-31 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-32 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-33 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-34 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-35 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-36 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-37 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-38 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-39 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-40 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-41 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-42 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-43 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-45 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-46 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-47 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-48 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-49 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-50 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-51 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-52 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-53 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-54 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-55 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-56 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-57 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-58 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-59 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-60 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-61 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-62 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-63 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-64 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-65 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-66 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-67 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-68 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-69 Congleton-wedding-photography-sandhole-70

Humongous congratulations to the delightful Heidi and Matt!

Sandhole Barn Summer Wedding Photography

 by ARJ Photography. Adam Johnson is a multi award winning wedding photographer available for weddings in Cheshire, across the UK and for destination weddings worldwide. Photographing weddings with a passion for emotion, light and creativity to create magical collections of wedding photography for people in love across the world.

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  1. Damian

    As always, every frame carries such a beautiful creative eye – couldn’t pick out one to be fair but I love the first bridal prep shot – Mega work my friend!!

  2. Dorothy Price

    True job satisfaction – employing your expertise, creativity and artistry , resulting in long lasting delight for your grateful clients! Well done!

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