Walcot Hall Wedding Photography in Shropshire

Sarah and Ronnie’s amazing, emotional wedding at Walcot Hall

I’ve made some lifelong friends through being a photographer and I shot Sarah and Ronnie’s Walcot Hall wedding as second photographer alongside one of the greatest, Michael Jackson. When Michael asks if I’m free to help him out, I jump at the chance. We’ve shot a few weddings together now and not only do our styles fit together in a photographic sense, we have such a great time doing it and Sarah and Ronnie’s amazing wedding at Walcot Hall in Shropshire was no different! Just a brilliant day from start to finish.

This was my first ever visit to the Shropshire gem that is Walcot Hall. I’d heard of it by reputation with some photographers I know describing it as their favourite wedding venue, and after about 5 minutes walking around when I arrived for Sarah and Ronnie’s wedding I could totally see why. It has literally everything a photographer could want! And that was before I’d wandered up into the woods to see the real gems of Walcot Hall – all the quirky little huts and houses in the woods! But a super cool wedding venue – even one as super cool as Walcot Hall – does not make a cool wedding by itself. That’s where Sarah and Ronnie come in. Two of the warmest, most welcoming people I’ve ever met. They knew Michael already as he’d shot a couple of their friend’s weddings so he was welcomed like an old friend. Sometimes that can make you feel a bit like a gooseberry as a second photographer as you’re the ‘unknown’ one but these guys welcomed me in just the same.

This was also one of the most brilliantly emotional weddings I’ve ever shot. I think my favourite thing about any wedding is when the couple wear their hearts on their sleeves – I’ve said this many times before. To me this doesn’t mean crying every five seconds (I don’t really love photos of people crying), it just means being yourselves and not getting too caught up in being a ‘bride’ and a ‘groom’. A wedding is an amazing day, one of the best experiences of your life, but it’s still real life and you should still be you. Sarah and Ronnie are the kind of couple who leave each other in no doubt that they’re besotted with each other, and that’s a truly brilliant and inspiring thing to witness.

Thanks to Michael for asking me to help him on this one, it was a total joy! Check out a few of my favourites from Sarah and Ronnie’s Walcot Hall wedding

Walcot Hall wedding photography in Shropshire

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