The ARJ Book


ARJ Book – The simply beautiful home for your photos

I believe strongly that photos belong in print And I believe equally that the best home for storytelling wedding photos is in an album. There’s no better way to re-live your wedding day or share your photos with family and friends, and after years of trying to find the perfect album I created the ARJ Book!

Designed to be looked at regularly, not put away for special occasions

One of the drawbacks of traditional wedding albums are that they are often prohibitively expensive and they can be large, heavy and delicate. so they usually end up put away safely somewhere in a box and rarely looked at or enjoyed, defeating the object! I want your book to live on your bookshelf or coffee table, encouraging you to flick through it all the time and show it to friends and family too.

As many photos as you want included

I want you to have as many of your photos as you love in your book and not be limited by the costs usually associated with traditional wedding albums. most of my couples choose 150-250 of their photos for their ARJ Book.

How it works

You pick all the photos you want in your book using your online gallery, then I work on a design using those photos. I’ll show you the design and you can request as many changes as you want. The process continues until you’ve got no more requested changes, then your ARJ Book goes off to be printed just for you.

Won’t break the bank, simple to reprint

Your ARJ Book is £400 and additional copies are half price. Your book can be reprinted at any time.

Order your ARJ Book…

  • All copies will be of the same design. If you want different designs in each book, please fill in a separate order form for each book.
  • As standard I will put your names and date on the cover and spine of your album as you can see in the photos (e.g. "Jane + John // 1st July 2020") - please let me know what order to put your names, or if you would like to specify your own text please type it here.
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