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The start of an adventure

Ever since I photographed my first destination wedding in 2012 I’ve been hooked. That was Sonal and Parit’s insane three-day wedding just outside Naivasha, Kenya. It became a genuine adventure, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the thirst for travel that it stirred inside me.

In the following years I’ve been lucky enough to work as a destination wedding photographer many times. Alongside roaming all over the UK and Ireland to photograph weddings, I’ve have been asked to visit increasingly remote and exciting locations – you can see exactly where on the map above. A destination wedding has all the same ingredients as a local one, but a lot more variables and opportunities too, especially temperature (I’ve photographed weddings in Lapland and Abu Dhabi, and the challenges are very different, as you can imagine!)

Through every different quest I’ve learned something completely new, and am proud to call myself a destination wedding specialist. So if you’re planning a destination wedding and are thinking about how to get the exact photography you want, let’s talk!

Love, Happiness and Magic

I can honestly say there is nothing inherently different about photographing a destination wedding or the way I work to capture your iconic moments. My approach is always essentially the same – it’s all about people, love and happiness. Each photo needs to be unique, capturing the light, colour, emotion, energy and magic of the occasion as everyone comes together.

But there is a subtle difference for me and everyone else there. An exotic location is new and exciting and unexplored. There are surprises waiting around every corner. Senses are heightened by the unfamiliar. It’s a holiday as well as a wedding. Guests are immersing themselves in a different culture as well as your special day. And of course the weather is usually, shall we say, less British! All of this makes the photographic scope a little different. The feelings are all the same, but the backdrop holds all manner of potential.

I love being a destination wedding photographer for all these reasons, and if you’re ready I’d love to hear more about your plans.

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