The best wedding venues in the world

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work at hundreds of amazing wedding venues and some of the best wedding venues in the world! I’ve travelled 5 minutes down the road, and I’ve travelled to the other side of the earth for wedding and each link below showcases one of the best wedding venues in the world in my opinion. Each different and each unique, what makes a wedding venue great isn’t always something physical although many of these wedding venues are absolutely stunning to look at, it’s also about the service they provide, the way they treat your wedding suppliers and vendors and then there’s just the “feeling” that you get when you’re in one of the best wedding venues in the world.

Some of my favourite wedding locations: Cotswolds | London | Cheshire

Amazing venues, amazing photography

You’ll see as you look through the slideshow above and the location galleries below that I’m a massively experienced wedding photographer, from sweltering beach weddings in Thailand, to freezing Ice Hotel weddings in Lapland and everything in between! Every wedding I’m lucky enough to be part of is totally unique but my experience has prepared me for anything – something very important when looking for a wedding photographer wherever in the world you’re planning on celebrating.

Recent favourites: Stone Barn Cotswolds | Bowes Museum | Le Filigare | Offley Place | Achnagairn Castle | Iscoyd Park | Grantley Hall | Euridge | Plas Dinam Country House