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Connaught Hotel Wedding Photographer London - ARJ Photography

Connaught Hotel Wedding Photographer

By far one of the most impressive wedding venues I’ve worked at, The Connaught Hotel really is up there with London’s luxury wedding venues, and easily some of the best food I’ve had at any wedding anywhere in the world too! The staff at The Connaught weddings are really friendly as well as professional and the hotel has some really great spots for your wedding portraits, inside and out. The ballroom itself feels really private and with the mirrors and lights is a really special place for a wedding party! If you’re planning your own wedding at London’s Connaught Hotel then I’d really love to hear from you so drop me a line!

Connaught Hotel Wedding Photographer London - ARJ Photography

Connaught Hotel Wedding Photography

On this page you’ll see a few photos from when I was lucky enough to be Ben and Saora’s Connaught Hotel wedding photographer in London. A little snapshot of their amazing wedding, captured in my own unique and award winning style of wedding photography. I’m guessing if you’ve ended up on this page then there’s a good chance you’re already planning your wedding at The Connaught so please have a look at the photos on this page, in my portfolio and on my blog and if you love what you see, get in touch!


My style of wedding photography is very relaxed and for the vast majority of your Connaught Hotel wedding I’ll just be quietly documenting the reality of the day in the best possible photos. Capturing your iconic moments so that you’re able to re-live the day in the most vivid way possible whenever you want to. Read more about my style of wedding photography and what I mean by “Magic Happens” here.


If you’re currently looking for a Connaught Hotel wedding photographer or anywhere else for that matter – and you love what you see in my portfolio and on my blog, then please get in touch so I can check if I’m available for your wedding date for you. I’m really lucky to get booked up extremely quickly these days, and I can only do around 20 weddings each year so it’s better to get in touch sooner rather than later, especially if you’ve already set a date for your wedding.


I’ve won many awards for my work, including being named Wedding Photographer of the Year twice by The Wedding Industry Awards, and Best of the Best by Junebug weddings. I love how much people love what I do and these awards prove my commitment to creating the very best possible visual record of every wedding, hopefully including yours! My greatest awards of all are my reviews from my past couples, have a read here!