Mentoring Testimonial : Zibi Kuropatwinski

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I first met Adam on a Nine Dots workshop. I was instantly impressed with how engaging Adam was, and above all, how open and honestly he spoke. Here was a successful, talented photographer that talked without ego, with such generosity and value in what he shared. He is endearing and inspiring, but once he critiqued my work, I knew he would be the right mentor for me. He gives credit where it is due, but more importantly he gave the kind of honest, challenging, two-way critique you need to hear if you ever really want to be more than just a good photographer. This is what makes Adam truly an amazing mentor. His mentoring experience isn’t a 12 month, “here are a few nuggets of information and ego strokes for good measure.” It is a supportive and at times gruelling path to realising long term growth.

I had been a professional wedding photographer for a number of years. Although I had continued to improve each year and my business was growing, I wanted to offer a higher quality experience and develop my business on a deeper level than I could ever learn in a workshop. Adam tailored the experience purely to me and my business. We went through every part of my process thoroughly and identified the key areas to focus on. I was never overwhelmed with information and I had specific things to achieve after each of my sessions. Whether it was in person or on a SKYPE session, Adam is there 100% and I never felt time pressured or like he was holding anything back. We had a goal and we were going to achieve it. Adam’s advice was informative and constructive without being clouded with unnecessary sugar coating. Adam gives his all and he expects the same from you. Over the year we covered it all, from how I could achieve and convert more enquiries, nurturing client and other vendor relationships, to how I see opportunities on the day, refining technical and editing aspects. Over the year I saw a dramatic change in my business and it has continued to go from strength to strength.

What sets the experience apart more than anything, was the opportunity to shoot with Adam and to have him second for me. The reality of a wedding day is so different from theory and everything you do is laid bare for Adam to see. Whilst this can sound quite intimidating, Adam helped me see that my almost apologising for my not always perfect English, or my often quirky mannerisms, was not only unnecessary, but actually could become one of my strengths. Today something that once made me unconfident in myself, has actually helped me develop my rapport with clients and vendors I want to work with again.

It was an intensive year and required a great deal of hard work and dedication from us both. I didn’t just add a few new skills or a new way shooting, I changed my mindset and my approach. Adam didn’t teach me over the year to be another version of him, or have a business just like his. What he enabled me to achieve, is to become the best version of myself and set me on a path that I can continue to grow.

If you are truly prepared to commit, listen and be honest with yourself, working with Adam is incredible and will transform your business.

Zibi Kuropatwinski, Zibi Photography (UK),