10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos

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I’ve been a destination wedding photographer since 2012 when I photographed my first destination wedding – Parit and Sonal’s Kenyan Wedding. Since then I’ve photographed many, many destination weddings and have absolutely fallen in love with everything about them. On this page I’ll show you 10 epic destination wedding photos I’ve taken but because I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10, you can see more in the slideshow below. If this page whets your insatiable appetite for epic destination wedding photography you can see more on my destination weddings page where you’ll find links to all my past destination wedding blog posts. Each of the photos below is also linked in the description to the blog post for that destination wedding. Enjoy these 10 epic destination wedding photos

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding New Orleans – Candice + Gary

This is my personal favourite destination wedding photo I’ve ever taken, simply because it’s in my spiritual home — New Orleans. Candice (a wedding photographer herself) asked me to come and photograph her destination wedding to Gary in New Orleans and I’ve never quite danced a happy dance like it. My whole stay in New Orleans for their destination wedding was epic and brilliant and this photo was taken during their second line – while the police escorted them from their reception at Broussard’s Restaurant to their party on Bourbon Street.

Candice + Gary. Broussards, New Orleans.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding France – Temi + Maurice

I’m sure you’re sitting there smiling just by seeing Maurice and Temi’s smiles on this destination wedding photo from their France destination wedding. They had a destination wedding at Chateau Saint Jeannet near Nice and honestly it was just gorgeous from start to finish, and they wore these smiles all day long, as did all their guests — and me! This photo also went viral for me on instagram soon after their wedding, because they are pure style goals.

Maurice + Temi. Nice, French Riviera.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Greece – Hanna + Mark

This epic destination wedding photo completely sums up Hanna + Mark’s destination wedding in Rhodes, Greece. It was one big party from start to finish and this was taken right at the end of the night as they partied in Pefkos way after dark in the balmy Greek island heat. Lots of destination wedding photos are scenic or staged but my true passion is for capturing natural iconic destination wedding moments like this one.

Hanna + Mark. Lindos, Rhodes.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Kenya – Sonal + Parit

Taken at my first destination wedding ever back in 2021, this is Sonal and Parit and some truly epic Kenyan trees, just after dark at their destination wedding in Naivasha at Enashipai resort. We had planned some sunset portraits in this spot but delays meant we had to make it work and make some epic photos after dark and I think you’ll agree that’s exactly what we did, creating this magical destination wedding photo.

Parit + Sonal. Destination Wedding in Kenya. Day 1.
Parit + Sonal. Destination Wedding in Kenya. Day 2.
Parit + Sonal. Destination Wedding in Kenya. Day 3.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Morocco – Breanna + Badr

I’ve experienced so many cultures and places at all my destination weddings but Breanna and Badr’s destination wedding in Rabat, Morocco was something else… I think I knew from the moment my plane landed in Rabat I was in for an experience, and getting to experience a completely traditional Moroccan wedding was unforgettable in the most brilliant way. This photo was taken during I think Bree’s fourth outfit change and I wish I could tell you what it was and what it meant but I can’t, I can just show you this photo of this amazingly surreal moment. See way more on their blog post from their Moroccan Destination Wedding below…

Bree + Badr. Rabat, Morocco.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Italy – Louise + Kieran

This postcard perfect destination wedding photo was taken at the Italian destination wedding venue Le Filigare during Louise and Kieran’s Tuscan hilltop destination wedding. I’ve photographed a lot of destination weddings in Tuscany over the years, but very few spots compare to the views from the top of the hill where destination weddings take place at Le Filigare! Combine that with this picture perfect first kiss for destination wedding photo perfection!

Kieran + Louise. Le Filigare, Tuscan Vineyard.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Lapland – Nico + Rik

What can I say about this Lapland destination wedding? After meeting Nico and Rik at one of their friend’s weddings, they took me to Lapland for their own destination wedding and it was the most incredible place I’ve ever seen — truly magical, a place of real fairytale. Their Lapland destination wedding took place in the Snow Village Kittila, and I made this epic destination wedding photo for them just after the ceremony before we all had dinner in the ice restaurant on ice chairs sitting at ice tables. Incredible. Iconic.

Nico + Rik. Lapland.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Tuscany – Helen + Baz

Back again at my favourite Tuscan wedding venue – Le Filigare – for Helen and Baz’s walk from that epic destination wedding ceremony spot you just saw above, down to the main house for their traditional umpteen course Italian destination wedding dinner! Of course Louise is in a wheelbarrow and they’re being followed by local musicians and all their guests on the driveway between the olive trees. Destination wedding perfection.

Helen + Baz. Le Filigare, Tuscany, Italy.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Thailand – Meera + Meeraj

Yes it rains at destination weddings too!! This moment is from Meera and Meeraj’s destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand during a torrential rain shower while they had their welcome party on the first night of their three-day Indian destination wedding. Nobody wants rain, but it’s my job to make sure all the memories are vivid, epic and iconic and sometimes that includes the weather, because rain never stops play – even at epic destination weddings!

Meera + Meeraj. Thailand Day 1.
Meera + Meeraj. Thailand Day 2.
Meera + Meeraj. Destination Wedding Thailand Day 3.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos by ARJ Photography®

Destination Wedding Greece – Vic + Jason

Is a destination wedding the same as any other wedding. Yes, absolutely. And no. Usually the location is more important in a destination wedding and I make a concerted effort to showcase the location (not just the venue) in a unique, epic way. For this photos we headed up into the hills above Pefkos at sunset, on the day after their wedding to make some extra destination wedding memories and this epic destination wedding photo.

Victoria + Jason. Pefkos, Rhodes, Greece.

10 Epic Destination Wedding Photos – You next?

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